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AMG Speedway opens in South Korea

For the first time anywhere in the world, a racetrack now bears the AMG name: The AMG Speedway in South Korea, an important Mercedes-AMG market, marks the beginning of a new era of the AMG community.

The AMG Speedway is based on the South Korea’s first permanent racetrack, which was inaugurated in 1995. The circuit was reconfigured in 2011 using the plans of renowned racetrack designer Hermann Tilke (who else?). The circuit is now 4.3-kilometres long and winds its way through 17 turns and over a bridge on the grounds of the Everland Resort theme park on the outskirts of the capital Seoul.

An AMG Lounge provides a setting for community discussions and personal exchanges with AMG experts. In addition, the sports car and performance brand will also use the AMG Speedway for the presentation of new models, dealer training, and other event formats.

The circuit is situated around 40 kilometres from Gagnam, the trendy district of the capital Seoul.