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F1 Photographer Darren Heath launches Art of the Race

A new book by Formula One photographer Darren Heath captures the colours, glamour and speed of from the action throughout the 2017 F1 season.


Fernando Alonso, Abu Dhabi 2017
“It’s possible that never again will a race track be built to the standards of the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. As the F1 cars race beneath the stunning Viceroy Hotel’s all-enveloping intricately patterned shroud-like roof the low and setting sun throws gorgeous shadows on the track and structure below.”


Sergio Perez, Mexico 2017
“Mexico City’s circuit is a wonderfully vibrant venue with a crowd second to none in their passion for F1. Towards the end of the lap the cars race through the Foro Sol stadium. Using a very slow shutter speed I wanted to graphically illustrate the size of the structure. Local hero Sergio “Checo” Perez’s Force India car is dwarfed by the grandstand above.”


Sebastian Vettel, Austria 2017
“Sebastian Vettel powers his Ferrari down the steep hill between the final two corners of the Red Bull Ring lap. By shooting from a low vantage point on a 600mm lens I wanted to isolate the car and accentuate the colours, design and steepness of the scene. Some titanium sparks providing pretty highlights.”


Lewis Hamilton, Canada 2017
“Proudly holding his Canadian Grand Prix race winner’s trophy Lewis Hamilton salutes the crowd. Shooting from a position directly below the podium often creates a sense of drama that’s missing from alternative photo positions. The only downside? One does run the very likely risk of being soaked in Champagne.”


Lewis Hamilton, Azerbaijan 2017
“Lewis Hamilton in his championship-winning Mercedes steers his way through the tight section of track that skirts Baku’s 12th Century city walls. Light and shade are two elements of photography that I’m constantly on the lookout for so when they come together as they do here I couldn’t be happier!”


Lewis Hamilton, Canada 2017
“Flying the flag. The challenge is always to try and shoot pictures one’s competitors aren’t. Lewis Hamilton salutes the Canadian Grand Prix crowd by proudly waving the Union Jack. The reigning world champion can be difficult to photograph, but when he wins Hamilton always plays well for us.”