Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies have announced a tie-in deal that will see them work together to produce a Supercar to be released in around 2 years time.

Red Bull’s design chief Adrian Newey will work with Aston Martin’s chief creative officer Marek Reichman on developing the car, dubbed the AM-RB 001. The Red Bull Racing team will also sport an Aston Martin badge this season, which officially means Aston finally have their foot in the door of F1, after flirting with the idea for many years. So, Red Bull Racing are powered by Renault, rebranded Tag Heuer. They had a long term deal with Infiniti, tried to get Mercedes and Ferrari engines last year, and have just signed a deal with Aston Martin. For all the talk of them walking from F1, they’re not sitting still are they?



Article via The Guardian

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