It’s not what you expected, right? This is the AM-RB-001. A collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies involving lots of very talented people. However, it will forever be known as ‘Adrian Newey’s road car’.

That’s no slight on anyone else involved, more a mark of the significance of the most successful F1 designer of all time finally diverting his vast brain power to a car that people – very rich people, admittedly – can actually buy.

I imagined it’d be covered in those intricate aero tricks, flips and slits that give you a migraine if you stare at them for long enough on an F1 or LMP1 car. But no. The AM-RB 001 looks so pure and simple. It’s beautiful.

It’s a two-seater supercar but the occupants will sit with their feet above their hip point – just like an F1 or LMP car. It’s made from carbon fibre, the composition and thickness of which (it varies depending on strength requirements) is defined by Newey and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. The AM-RB 001 will have one horsepower for each kilogram of weight and we expect it to come in at around 1000kg.

The huge power output will come from a high-revving, normally-aspirated V12 with KERS, that’s completely bespoke and shares nothing with the current Aston Martin V12 we know from the likes of the Vanquish, nor is it related to the One-77 or Vulcan engines.

Suspension is inboard, pushrod operated and said to be incredibly sophisticated. Expect an active suspension system, although Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Aston Martin remain very tight-lipped about the exact make-up of the system.

The only active device will be the small rear wing, which will trim the balance at high speeds. Even so this car is truly an aero monster. Freed from the constraints of racing regulations Newey has devised a car that looks set to instantly make cars like LaFerrari, P1 and 918 Spyder seem archaic, heavy and, unbelievably, rather slow. It has downforce levels similar to an LMP1 car, and will achieve 4.5g of lateral force (on slicks, we presume).

The price of owning a Newey masterpiece? Somewhere between £2-3-million. There will be 99 AM-RB 001s produced and a further 24 of those even more extreme track-only editions with deliveries starting in 2018.

For more, watch our video above – and keep your eyes on the news stands for the latest issue of evo magazine, where we examine the AM-RB 001 in even greater detail.

Article via Evo

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