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‘Kart Kids’ documents young go-karters dreaming of F1

Kart Kids is an ongoing series that follows young go-karters around Germany. Footage has been shot over 13 years and is edited together in short films which are released every couple of years. As well as racing, the content captures families and ‘the way of life’ at the circuit.

The project is from filmmaker Christopher Kippenberger who explains “The plot is winning and losing – but also investigates the socioeconomic background of the parents. This a project is an extended study not only of racing, but of its personalities and what comes next—regardless of what that may entail.”

The plan is to stop at 20 years and release a 10-15 minute piece.

In addition to Kart Kids, Studio Kippenberger has created multiple works in the automotive industry. If you have not seen it, Isle of Man TT is well worth a look.

The next film is expected to be released in the next few months.