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Drift Queen follows car Vlogger Queen B turning a road car to drift car over 5 episodes

YouTube car vlogger Queen B – or Becky Evans has been on a journey, learning how to drift in a fully customised Nissan s15 – which she helped build.

The 5 part series of 15-minute episodes follows her journey from Santa Pod Raceway, through to Japan and the USA. She educates herself (and us) in the origins of drifting and how it fits with the wider motoring scene. With a background in racing in more standing racing series, Becky’s journey began in supermarket carparks, doing donuts with friends. The new series is a long way from that. she has to train herself to actually drift herself drift herself.

As her dad puts it, ‘You know how to drive fast in a tidy manner, you’ve now got to drive fast in an untidy manner!”.

In a recent interview on Red Bull she explains, ‘Drag racing and circuit driving are completely different disciplines. In the series I said I’m having to unlearn everything that I ever knew. Learning to let go of the steering wheel… you’re basically trusting yourself and the inertia of the car. It’s all about steering input, throttle control and yeah, timing.’

You can see all 5 epidodes below.

You view all of Becky’s journey at