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Off Track

Kevin Magnussen takes us off track in new Infiniti Q30

Watch as K-Mag takes us through a typical day of training, followed by a ride around Singapore in the new Infiniti Q30. Coming off the back of varied results in the recent ‘Asia’ leg of the 2016 F1 season, he is actually pretty upbeat… Continue Reading

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Road Edition

Special Clio RS 16, inspired by Renault’s return to F1

To celebrate 40 years in racing, Renault Sport released a Clio concept over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. While its design and colouring are a clear nod to their 2016 Formula 1 car, the real magic lies within. Continue Reading

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Formula 1

Renault launch their 2016 car. The RS16 is definitely a looker

The first to show their colours in 2016 is Renault with their new RS16, unveiled at their Technocentre in Paris today. They are reborn out of the ashes of Lotus GP after a protracted buyout that was finalised at the tail end of 2015.

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