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Pirelli Colour Edition

Pirelli Color Edition tyres are now available, offering the exclusive possibility to customise each car vehicle by choosing among hundreds of tyre colours. Thanks to the experience in F1®,competitions – where the colouring of the tyres identifies the compounds – today Pirelli applies colour to road tyres as well to emphasise their sporty character and uniqueness. Achieving not only the extreme customisation of performance but also of style and design.

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Art + Design, Photography

Female stars are the subject for the 2017 Pirelli Calendar

Pirelli 2017 calendar is shot entirely in black and white by photographer Peter Lindbergh. The German photographer has labelled it “emotional,” stating that he aimed to “not shoot a calendar about perfect bodies but to capture the sensitivity and emotion, laying bare the souls of the women in the image, rendering more naked than a nude.” Continue Reading

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Art + Design, Formula 1

Pirelli present new F1 P Zero range for 2017 season

Along with the the new aerodynamic regulation changes, next year’s cars will lower lap times by around three seconds compared to 2016. The full range of wider 2017 tyres (including new tread patterns that will feature on their intermediate and wet compounds) were unveiled on Thusday in the Yas Marina paddock.

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P Zero World takes the Pirelli story to Los Angeles

How do you transform a brand’s products and identity into a brand experience? It seems like a tall order, but with P Zero™ World, Pirelli intends to achieve just this goal.   Continue Reading

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Art + Design

The James Hunt special Mclaren P1 GTR

2016 marked the 40th anniversary of James Hunt’s 1976 Formula 1 Drivers’ World Championship driving a McLaren, and the marque has paid tribute by unveiling a special Mclaren P1 GTR.
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Road Edition

Pirelli’s new P Zero road tyres make use of F1 learnings

Pirelli’s relationship with F1 has been a hit and miss affair. However, they are setting out to change their reputation as the leading high performance tyre manufacturer with their latest P Zero’s. The new compounds have recently been tested at Autódromo do Estoril — home of Ayrton Senna’s first F1 win, and the Portuguese Grand Prix from 1984-1996. Continue Reading

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Road Edition

The Acura NSX GT3 is a back to basics racing car

Honda has just unveiled their Acura NSX GT3 track car at the New York Auto Show. Based on the road version of the supercar, this race-spec model has done away with the hybrid all-wheel-drive and is powered purely from a twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 in RWD. Continue Reading

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Pirelli explain the new F1 2016 tyre regulations

F1 tech is pretty complex in all areas, and for 2016 Pirelli have introduced a new tyre compound – the ‘Ultra-soft’. They’ve made a short info-graphic style video that tries to shed some light on how it all fits in to the current set up. The animation is fun, and if it makes the cars go quicker, we’re all for it. Continue Reading

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Road Edition

Here’s a pretty thing. The McLaren 650s GT3, 2016 race-spec

Sometimes, things that aren’t directly F1 related slip through our nets and find their way onto the top of our site. This is one such instance, and we’re really not very sorry, because what a thing of beauty it is! Since the release of their P1 back in 2012, McLaren have been at the front of the GT racing scene for the last few years, and this little number is their 2016 spec model. Continue Reading

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Ferrari and Pirelli make a concept bike with a KERS system

British designer Fraser Leid worked with Ferrari and Pirelli to create this stunning conceptual re-imagining of the road bike, with the twist of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System built into the frame.

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