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F1 cars with iconic Le Mans liveries

Modern Formula 1 cars painted in iconic Le Mans race liveries would look like this… Continue Reading

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Martin Schoeller captures Porsche drivers immediately after WEC race

Former F1 driver Mark Webber and the other Porsche LMP1 drivers had their portraits taken straight after each driver switch at Nürburgring. Literally, out the car, helmet off, smile… Continue Reading

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Watch Derek Bell drive a Porsche 718 around the Targa Florio

Thanks to the guys at Petrolicious, Former Porsche works driver Derek Bell has been filmed driving the Targa Florio-winning 718 RS 60 on the Targa Florio course in Italy. Famed for it’s 800+ corners, multiple hairpins and imminent danger at every turn, the former Grand Prix circuit is still cherished in Sicily.  Continue Reading

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Mark Webber’s guide to driving the perfect hairpin

Hard on the brakes, look through the apex, get those arms crossed then squeeze the throttle. All we need now is a new Porsche and wet circuit to try it out on. Continue Reading

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Inside the hidden warehouse of Stuttgart’s Porsche museum

Stuttgart’s porsche museum is a paradise of luxury vehicles, teeming with more than 80 of the brand’s most famous, iconic cars on permanent exhibit; but behind the scenes, a secret warehouse on site hides an archive of special-edition, priceless models from porsche’s past. in a rare trip behind these closed doors, german photographer steffen jahn documents the premises and precious cars concealed there, including examples of some of porsche’s most prized treasures. Continue Reading

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