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Ferrari: Under the Skin – Design Museum

An exhibition has opened at London’s Design Museum celebrating 70 years of Ferrari design, from the brand’s first vehicle to the Formula One race car that Michael Schumacher drove to victory in 2000.

Ferrari: Under the Skin brings together 14 rare and memorable Ferrari models, worth a total of £140 million. They also include the most technologically advanced Ferrari to date and the car that Stirling Moss drove when he won the 1960 Tourist Trophy.



The show was curated by Andrew Nahum and Gemma Curtin runs from 15 November 2017 until 15 April 2018.

Covering an exact replica of the first 1947 Ferrari car ever made. The exhibition ends 70 years later with the LaFerrari Aperta – Ferrari’s latest model, and one of the most expensive cars ever made. Amongst the exhibits is a  sculpted clay model, and wire-frame chassis model and a wooden model, which would once have been used as a mold for manufacturers to sculpt metal panels around.

Cars showcased include the 275 GTB4, considered by many to be the brand’s most beautiful car, and the F40, which was designed to commemorate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary in 1987. There is also Michael Schumacher 2000 F1 title winning car, making him Ferrari’s first champion in 21 years.



The signature red F1-2000 track car epitomises the competitive racing that Ferrari is known for. It is displayed alongside helmets, trophies and racing suits worn by Schumacher, as well as other winning drivers Alberto Ascari, Mike Hawthorn and Kimi Räikkönen.

Ferrari: Under the Skin aims to provide a detailed look into all aspects of Ferrari’s aesthetic, functional and engineering design, from Enzo Ferrari’s initial concepts on paper to the final Ferrari production vehicles.

“The depth of emotion goes far beyond the external beauty of their cars,” said Design Museum founder Terence Conran.

“What excites me so much about this exhibition is the rare opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes and experience the dynamic between engineering, manufacturing and design, which produces Ferrari’s magic ingredient,”.