Ferrari road car designs are often influenced by F1 team’s technology and design knowledge, but certain features are more subtle than you might think. 

When asked the question how do elements from formula one directly influence the design of ferrari vehicles? Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari chief designer explains:

‘I would say Formula One influence is generally more subtle than your question suggests. of course, if you take the example of the F12berlinetta’s central rear fog light, it is a direct re-interpretation of a formula one detail, which I think adds a nice touch, as it fits very well with the design of the rear diffuser. but such direct citations are the exception more than they are the rule. it’s more a case of our design language sharing, for example, the general philosophy of carefully shrink-wrapping smooth surfaces closely over the mechanical parts to generate a very efficient and slippery skin.


You will also notice that, contrary to formula one, we integrate aerodynamic functions on the bodywork as seamlessly as possible. on a sports car like the F12berlinetta, surfaces are sculpted carefully in function of air flow with an aim to avoid the need for any appendages. such appendages are more suited for what we call special models, like our track-oriented XX programme. what we share with F1 is also methodology – in other words, the way we approach the aerodynamic design of our models, with extensive use of CFD software developed by the F1 team as well as fine-tuning in the wind tunnel.’


Article via Designboom

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