The recently launched GP Extreme is an impressive new motorsport-themed venue in Dubai, complete with racing memorabilia, chill out areas and an F1 simulator. We spoke to the guys behind it to find out more.

What was the idea behind the motorsports themed space?

The idea was born from a huge passion for motorsport. We wanted to make a racing community here in Dubai. That’s why we created a spot for all racing lovers. Our showroom is not only the place where you can find all different kinds of motorsport memorabilia, but it’s also a place where you can chill with friends, grab a coffee, watch an F1 race or just work on your laptop. We also have a room equipped with a professional simulator which can be used for either professional preparation or just for fun!

The racing inspiration is very clear, but with regards to design, there is a distinct ‘European’ feel – was that a conscious decision?

We all know Formula 1 as a motorsport originated from Europe. So when it came to showroom design we decided to bring some European spirit to an Arabic country, making it modern, light, dynamic and extraordinary.

Was the building and floor-plan itself designed with any motor-sport themes in particular?

All lines in the showroom design remind us of racetrack lines. It gives you a feeling of speed and endlessness. We have a workshop floor with an open ceiling. In the ceiling design we used 2 engine covers from real racing cars – there is plenty more to spot too.

How often do you plan to evolve the design or add new items to it? Are you constantly on the lookout for new motorsport paraphernalia to add to the collection?

The GP Extreme project was launched only 4 months ago. So, the place is still new and for now we are not planning any re-design work. However, after hot summer days, we are planning to open a small side terrace, where our guests can enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and chill a bit. The GP Extreme team tries to keep the place fresh, and we are constantly adding to our collection. We also change the items on display every 3-4 weeks, so there is a chance that in your next visit you will find something new.

Please tell us more about the simulator and packages

The GP Extreme Showroom is equipped with a professional simulator that takes you in a heart-pumping experience of what it feels like blasting a car around the racetrack. The development was led by double Le Mans winning Aston Martin factory driver Darren Turner, so it’s incredibly accurate. For professional drivers it’s a great chance to improve their driving technique and lap times before a race, and for amateurs – a chance to learn these techniques.

For individuals we have different Simulator packages starting from 30 mins to an 1 hour. If you want a bit longer, there are 4 and 10 hours bookings which can be divided and used to your preference. The sessions includes your race suit and boots, professional coach guidance, data sheets and on-board camera. To top it off, drink refreshments are provided.

We also host corporate, team building and club car events. This provides groups of 6-10 people with exclusive insight into the world of the racing driver. For these events we offer a unique venue, a large TV screen with a sound system, unlimited simulator-time during the event and catering services. Customised packages can also be arranged on request.

As a pop-up venue, how long do you expect to be around?

This is a permanent location but it can be booked for pop ups and events indefinitely through the Share This Space platform, which is

Great stuff. Best head to Dubai then…

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