For his final home race at the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend, Martini has dedicated its iconic logo to Felipe Massa. 

The surprise livery change, the first of its kind for a Formula One partner, was unveiled at the Autodrome Jose Carlos Pace in Sao Paulo today, with the traditional MARTINI replaced by MASSA, as well as the rear wing carrying the phrase ‘Obrigado’, which means thank you in Portuguese.

Felipe Massa commented: “I’ve always said that I drive the best looking car on the grid, but this takes it to a whole other level. I’ve never known a sponsor to do this for a driver before. It’s an honour and I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit emotional about it. But it goes to show that because of MARTINI’s heritage in racing, they are more than just a sponsor. They are a true partner and fan of this beautiful sport. I’ve been lucky to have them as part of my team the last three years.”

Shane Hoyne, CMO, Bacardi Europe said: “Felipe isn’t just a driver, he’s a friend. And not just to MARTINI but to his teammates and other drivers out there on the grid. We thought it only right that we mark the occasion and give his name pride of place on the car. Obrigado on the rear wing is not just our way of saying thank you to him, but for Felipe to say thank you to all his fans in Sao Paulo.”

The MARTINI logo – registered for the first time in 1929 – is one of the world’s most famous Italian logos. The MARTINI brand’s longstanding relationship with motorsport and rich history of both sponsorship and participation in worldwide sporting events began in 1968 with the creation of MARTINI Racing™. This bold and ambitious move resulted in a pioneering sponsorship program that saw MARTINI become one of the first-ever non-motorsport entrants to sponsor a racing team.

Felipe Massa, part of the Williams Martini Racing family since 2014 when he was signed alongside teammate Valtteri Bottas, announced his retirement at the Italian Grand Prix in September. His last race of the season and his career in Abu Dhabi will mark his 250th grand prix in Formula One.

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