Well hello 720s. This is McLaren’s new 4.0L V8 dream machine and not just pretty – It’s really smart too. Replacing the 650S, top-line figures includes a power output of 710bhp and 0–62mph in 2.9secs.

“Design is where you bring all the elements together,” chief designer Rob Melville asserts. “Styling is just one aspect of it. We want to create breathtaking products that tell you the visual story of their function, and we’re guided by four things. Nature, and the idea of ‘functional jewellery’. We want to be true with the materials we use – it has to be authentic. The proportions need to be perfect. And we are always brave.”

According to product director Mark Vinnels, “the challenge was to revolutionise the segment. But we also wanted to make a big leap in entertainment. We want to combine performance, emotion, refinement and efficiency in a single, beautiful whole.”

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