50 years ago today, McLaren made its F1 debut at the 1966 Monaco GP with Bruce McLaren at the wheel. Since then we have seen Championships won and lost, Senna v Prost, Häkkinen, Hamilton, the MP4/4, that MP4/13 and much, much more.

The 1966 Monaco Grand Prix wasn’t a particularly successful Formula 1 debut for McLaren. With a Ford ‘Indy’ V8, Bruce could only manage tenth in qualifying. He then retired after just 10 laps when an oil pipe union came undone, squirting lubricant into the cockpit. Unfortunately for Ron Dennis, that must sound all too familiar right now…

We know we like to joke about the latest McLaren-Honda error era, but F1 (and sports cars in general) would be far less exciting without McLaren around. Celebrating their half century milestone by painting the iconic racing green and silver strip from the original M2B onto their latest 570S Coupé is another small reminder of that. Here’s to the next 50 years.

Pictures via Autofluence

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