Named the BP23 (Bespoke Project 2, 3 seats), this teaser image shows (sort of) “the world’s first Hyper-GT” from a bird’s-eye view, suggesting the iconic three-seat layout found in the The McLaren F1 road car. 


It will be built by McLaren’s specialist MSO division, but sadly only 106 will be released (the same manutfaturing output as The McLaren F1) – and they have already sold out… McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt said: “We are calling BP23 a ‘Hyper-GT’ because it’s a car designed for longer journeys but with the high levels of performance and driver engagement expected of any McLaren. A hybrid powertrain will make it one of the most powerful McLarens yet created but the car will also deliver the highest levels of refinement, enabling significant journeys to be undertaken with up to three people aboard.”

This isn’t the first Formula 1 team to release a teaser design for a road-edition hypecar recently. Take a look at this collaboration: Aston Martin and Red Bull to build £2 million Supercar

Article via Top Gear

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