McLaren are a busy company. As well as trying to re-build their F1 team, there are talks of an acquisition by Apple, and now they have launched their first all electric P1 – ish… From 0 mph to top speed (and by top speed we are talking vey slow) in just two seconds, this model is unsurprisingly “the most compact car yet to wear the McLaren badge”.

The ride-on car comes with dihedral doors and a push-button starter that not only fires up the electric engine, but turns on the lights, too. It can even come pre-loaded with MP3s of your children’s favorite songs. At present, the only avaible colour is ‘Volcano Yellow’. So while you may still not be getting that fully electric McLaren, at least your children can get a little taste of what’s to come in the meantime.

This P1 is available is available for your Christmas orders and costs around £400.

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