The early sketch was revealed at the Paris Motorshow, and the the hybrid hypercar will use the engine and electric motor systems from its title-winning F1 car. This is the street car with a Formula 1 engine – and it won’t be watered-down.


Mercedes’ R&D boss Dr Thomas Weber confirmed that the current F1 car develops around 1000bhp – up from 750bhp in the early days of the troublesome hybrid systems – which would put Mercedes’ hybrid hypercar on an even footing with the likes of the 903bhp McLaren P1 and 986bhp LaFerrari.

Meanwhile, he also noted that because energy harvesting (of excess heat and kinetic energy) is so important for boosting the power unit in F1, this principle would be carried over to the road car.

We’re told to expect ‘the world’s most efficient hypercar’, which sounds like something worth getting excited aboyt. It also raises the possibility it’ll be a plug-in hybrid. That will be great for miles per gallon and knocking down CO2, but the F1 car doesn’t have a charging lead, and PHEVs need big, heavy batteries to maximise range…

Article via Top Gear

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