You wouldn’t normally associate Nike and Cristiano Ronaldo with Formula 1, but the design principles of the latest Mercurial football boot are based on ‘the Science of Speed’.

With the 2016 UEFA European Championship fast approaching, Nike Football have unveiled the Spark Brilliance Pack, which marks the debut of the new Mercurial. According to Nike, The new boot was designed with one thing in mind: speed. Every component was created to work in harmony towards the singular goal of unleashing a player’s full speed potential.

Nike Football Design Lead Jeongwoo Lee explains “Our approach with the new Mercurial was to challenge all assumptions about speed, merging science with design to build the fastest boot in football. We designed this boot holistically to ensure it was a true speed system, where all of the materials interlock to produce the most efficient package possible.”

The boot’s soleplate is 40% lighter than the carbon fiber plate it replaces, yet it is both even stronger and more responsive to the foot. The traction system of the Mercurial has also been revamped for speed. Nike’s design team tested different variations of studs, blades, chevrons and other shape possibilities in a variety of traction patterns. For the first time, Nike Football also leveraged virtual Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing, which provides scientific data to identify which traction pattern works best for the speed-focused player; which all sounds very F1.


If this product excites you (or if you just want to meet Ronaldo) you can attend the official launch at The Science of Speed event in Milan From May 26 to 28. The only way to access the space, discover the secrets of the technicians and test yourself challenging Cristiano Ronaldo on speed, is to sign up to


As good as they look, don’t expect to hear Adrian Newey’s approval on their aerodynamic efficiency anytime soon…

Article via Nike Football

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