How do you transform a brand’s products and identity into a brand experience? It seems like a tall order, but with P Zero™ World, Pirelli intends to achieve just this goal.  

While the foundation of the Italian tire maker remains firmly rooted in Milan, the brand constantly looks outward to find the perfect mixture of inspiration and business acumen to plot its next steps in the global market.  In the case of P Zero™ World, Los Angeles, California emerged as a unique proposition for the brand – a location where the concept of a Pirelli “brand experience” could manifest itself into a physical reality in the form of an upscale retail center promising world-class service in a way that is “uniquely Pirelli”.   This opens the next chapter for the brand aiming to become the undisputed leader in premium tier products and services for the most discerning consumers in the North American market – those based in Southern California.

To understand the P Zero™ World strategy, one must first look to Pirelli’s brand evolution– both globally and locally – and at the same time, the unique climate of Southern California’s car culture.  At this intersection between company and culture, P Zero™ World will begin the next chapter in Pirelli’s storied history.

For 144 years, Pirelli has led through innovation and dominance in the motorsports arena, its best-in-class product portfolio, an impressive roster of original equipment fitments and its unique ability to deliver its message; whether in advertising, fashion or design, in a way that is uniquely iconic. It is this special mixture of the highly technical and deeply artistic that weaves together to create the Pirelli brand DNA.

Always devoted to top tier products and partnerships, Pirelli has kept its finger on the pulse of automotive trends, with an ever increasing focus on the premium and prestige markets.  Long-standing relationships with top manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have made the brand synonymous with quality and performance, giving Pirelli a level of cache achieved by few.   In order to partner with such well-established marques, Pirelli is devoted to innovation at the highest level – often achieved through its deep involvement in motorsports, which reaches back to the very genesis of the company and currently manifests in Pirelli’s role as sole supplier for Formula 1®. Pirelli’s world renowned R&D facilities create the ultimate high performance products to meet the most demanding needs on road and track today.

To stay ahead of the automotive industry curve, trendspotting among customers, emerging influencers and automotive tastemakers is key – and in the US, Southern California emerges as a star in this respect.  With an impressive concentration of prestige vehicles – 14% of the world’s total – and a thriving automotive culture at the forefront of industry trends, Los Angeles is a “hot spot” of automotive activity like no other.  This momentum is partly driven by a high concentration of automotive enthusiasts.  For Pirelli, as a brand fuelled by a passion for the thrill of driving, working with and learning from enthusiast communities is essential.   With a well-established tuner community, many notable influencers, numerous motorsports venues and stunning scenic byways, California is ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the pleasure of driving, making it the perfect location for the launch of the P Zero™ World flagship.

Article via Pirelli
Images via Pfaffauto

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