Red Bull Racing’s new film looks back across 65 years of pitstop progress in F1. The release is conveniently timed with this weekend’s US Grand Prix in COTA –  the same circuit Red Bull Racing completed an F1 pitstop in 1.923s 3 years ago.  

This trailer reveals what is coming. ‘The chronology of improvement that takes F1 from the early years – in which a driver might hop out of the car during a stop to gulp down a cold drink – to their modern blink-of-the-eye successors. We’ll hear from such luminaries as John Surtees, Gordon Murray, Gerhard Berger, Jos Verstappen and Mark Webber. We’ll be discussing the incredible teamwork and long hours of practice that creates the precision ballet of the modern stop. We’ll also take a look at the technologies that have shaped the science over the years, from milk urns to pressurised beer barrels of the first refuelling pitstops to modern wheel guns.’

‘This is a timely topic. After a two-season lull, times are tumbling in F1 are once again, as teams overcome the speed hurdles presented by innovative modern technologies. Just how fast can an F1 pitstop be completed? Is there a 1.7s stop out there? Nobody knows – but if there is a new record to be written, this is the place to find out how it’s going to be done.’

You can now watch the full film over at Red Bull TV
The pit crew picture image is taken by Benedict Redgrove

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