Ok, so McLaren F1 racing team have had a terrible couple of years with Honda. But back in the glory days (that 1988 Season to be specific), the brilliant team of designers had an idea to create the fastest road car of all time. 10 years later, racing driver Andy Wallace climbed into a McLaren F1 and drove the British supercar to a top speed of 391 km/h (242.9 mph) on the famous banked testing track at Ehra-Lessien in Germany. Andy looked totally surprised by how quick the car actually was…

This video is previously unseen by the public for 25 years, but now it’s available, it’s well worth watching all 7 minutes of it. It should be noted that speed records typically require that runs be made in both directions and then averaged to account for any advantages in wind direction – and his final average speed was 240.1 mph, shattering the previous speed record by a production car. I want a go!

You can find out more about the McLaren F1 Story here

Article via Silodrome

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