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This V10 Mitsubishi Delica Concept Proves That Monsters Can Be Beautiful

Somewhere between art, car design and a brutalist movement in motorsport, this is the automotive equivalent of a Le-Mans Prototype (LMP) swallowing a Mitsubishi Delica (yes, we are talking about the same family wagon from 1986).

The beauty of a project like this is the apparent disregard for things like performance, balance and well, safety. Look at it. You can clearly see the van and LMP chassis – you just don’t ever expect to see the two merged like this.

So how was this recipe for speed and eccentricity invented? 

This is the brainchild of graphic artist Ian Galvin.

Once upon a time, a seasoned Nurburgring veteran stumbled upon a partial LMP chassis abandoned in an industrial park. Intrigued with interest, he purchases it, decides to source a Judd 5.5L V10 engine and then import a Japanese minivan (we are not sure what this choice was about) to play with. Throw these together in a pot, sprinkle a bit of craziness on top and you get the V10 Mitsubishi Delica.

It sounds an impossibility, but there is hope. This land has been walked before. Back in 1995, Renault presented a show car called the Espace F1. It looked like the same Renault Espace used for dropping the kids off at school. But this was far from it. Inside its seemingly normal golden skin was a Williams-Renault FW15C 40-valve V10 engine. A mundane Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV) turned into a track queen, the Espace F1 still remains the fastest ever MPV to drive on Earth’s asphalt paved roads.

All we need now is to find our own Bruce Wayne; a billionaire determined to have the most spectacular ride of them all. While it doesn’t look like an easy feat to achieve, there is nothing that deep pockets can’t bring to reality.

  • Author: Flavjo Leka
  • Posted On: 12 May 2019