Yas Marina was the second Grand Prix circuit to be completed in the Middle East after Bahrain. Tilke Engineers and Architects are about the only track designers Bernie Ecclestone will trust – and in some ways, you can understand why. Completed in late 2009, the state of the art circuit is a design masterpeice.

The circuit itself featues 21 turns and spans over about 3.45 miles. The track also includes a shorter, 2,9 mile option that’s used for other racing events. The route runs through the major attractions of the man made Yas Island, which includes sand dunes and a track length lighting system that means races can be held into the evening, easing some of the heat problems faced by Middle Eastern sporting events. Special surface material was imported from England to be used on the track.

TiCapacity is can hold 50,000 people, which would be great to see a full house at this weekend’s season climax between the two Mercedes team mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Tilke’s involvement in the Racetrack Grade 1 included ‘pit building (40 pits), grandstands, drag strip, hotel, team buildings, media centre, medical centre, VIP tower, harbour and car parking’.

With the sun setting before the end of the race, there are not many more picturesque tracks to say faire well to F1 legends Jenson Button and Felipe Massa.

Hermann Tilke

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